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Our case study has been published in Evidence Based Women's Health Journal (EBWHJ), a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed, open access international journal from Egypt. The case study is about "Role of Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy in Unexplained Repeated Miscarriages".


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The lyers went form clinic to clinic . They tried everything,including IVF. Nothing worked.But they were not the ones to give up hope! Finally,after 5 years of waiting,Nisha was born to them at our clinic.

An open letter from Dr Mugdha

Nisha is 21 now! she is hale and hearty; beautiful to look at and very very spirited. To me, she could have been no one other than that - knowing first hand how she was brought into the world.

It is beautiful story I love to tell,especially to those couples who have resigned to a life without a child.

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There are half a million cases where IVF has failed too;but that no way means the end of the road to parenthood. Dr Mohan Raut writes about his experience with Lymhocyte Immunisation Therapy.

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