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 Pregnancy – Nature’s Miracle

Pregnancy – Nature’s Miracle

Date :02-Aug-2018

Dr. Mohan Raut

Motherhood is the dream of every woman. Every couple eagerly awaits their bundle of joy to arrive home. It not only gives immense pleasure to the parents, their family & friends but also changes their lives forever. Pregnancy is such a common natural phenomenon that many times we don’t realize how extra ordinarily special this event is. Only when we look at pregnancy from a more scientific or medical perspective we come to know about the magic that lies behind this natural phenomenon.

Our body is protected from external substances by our protective system – the Immunological System. Anything that is immunologically different from our body is not accepted by it when such a thing tries to enter our system, our Immunological system develops an immune response to it and rejects it. This process takes place when harmful bacteria or viruses try to attack our body. This rejection also happens when an immunologically different organ is implanted in our body, such as a transplanted kidney. In this way, the immunological system ensures that our body is protected.

When we consider pregnancy and how it develops, we see an entirely different phenomenon. The father and the mother both contributes equally in the medical formation of a pregnancy. The part that comes from the father is immunologically different from the part that comes from the mother. In spite of that, the mother’s body does not build an immunological response against pregnancy. On the contrary, the mother’s immunological system develops certain mechanisms to protect the pregnancy. This is called the “Paradox of Pregnancy” and is nature’s greatest miracle.

Though we are not aware of this miracle happening in our life, we come to know about it when things go wrong. Many times we come across couples who have a history of Repeated Miscarriages or failure of test tube baby treatment although everything seems normal. These are the women in whom the immunological system goes haywire during pregnancy. The normal protective immunological mechanisms seem missing. On the contrary, there are abnormal immunological responses (like natural killer cells & cytokines) that are detrimental to pregnancy. The pregnancy becomes a graft which gets rejected by the mother’s immunological system. These abnormal immunological responses lead to Repeated Miscarriages and Test Tube baby failures (Implantation Failure) or IVF Failures. We have seen couples with as high as fifteen(15) miscarriages due to this problem.

Can we do anything for these couples?

The answer is Yes. These couples can be investigated to confirm the immunological problem. If there is an immunological factor present, it can be treated by a special treatment called Immunotherapy (Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy –LIT).

So, pregnancy is a natural event – nature works so hard to make it successful. If, sometimes, nature goes off track from protecting the pregnancy, it creates havoc in women’s lives. By becoming aware of the immunological cause of repeated miscarriages and IVF failure, it is possible to help such couples and to restore Nature’s Miracle. LIT can be a ray of hope for these couples.

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The lyers went form clinic to clinic . They tried everything,including IVF. Nothing worked.But they were not the ones to give up hope! Finally,after 5 years of waiting,Nisha was born to them at our clinic.

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Nisha is 21 now! she is hale and hearty; beautiful to look at and very very spirited. To me, she could have been no one other than that - knowing first hand how she was brought into the world.

It is beautiful story I love to tell,especially to those couples who have resigned to a life without a child.

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