Why Immunotherapy

The human body rejects anything that is foreign to it through its immunological system. For example in case of a kidney transplant you need a kidney from a blood-related donor because if there is no matching tissue the body rejects the transplanted kidney.In case of pregnancy 50% of the fetus, which is attributed to the father, is immunologically foreign to the body of the mother. But during pregnancy the mother’s immune system gets altered to prevent rejection of the fetus by her body. The immune system is comprised of white blood cells, also known as leukocytes, which make a variety of antibodies. Some of the antibodies protect us and others are harmful to our bodies. These mechanisms are disturbed in some women resulting in an immunological reaction against pregnancy, leading to a miscarriage. This can be prevented through immunotherapy.

A multi-centre study was done at eight centres of the world in 1992, one of which was the H N Hospital, Mumbai where we were involved. After the study was completed, immunotherapy was started in H N Hospital. So far we have treated 402 couples with this therapy and achieved excellent results.