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What is LIT

Immunological Rejection is the cause for about 50% of Recurrent Miscarriages.

What is the solution for that?

Immunomodulation can play an important role in these patiets. Immunomodulatio can be done with Active or Passive Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy can help prevent the Immunological rejection of pregnancy.

 Active Immunotherapy can be given with Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy (LIT) It involves separation of Lymphocytes (a Special type of white blood cells required for Immunological function) from husband’s blood and injecting them into wife. This is done before the woman conceives so that it can prevent subsequent miscarriages.

Before Actives Immunotherapy, the couple has to be completely investigated for all possible causes of Recurrent Miscarriages. This therapy is an out Patients OPD Procedure and involves spending 4-6 hours at the centre. It is done as a one time procedure.

Actives Immunotherapy is safe and free from major side effects. However, transient pain at injection site malaise and rarely mild fever can be encountered. The procedure is over all well tolerated.

After the Active Immunotherapy, the couple is advised to make active attempts of conception after a period of 4-6 weeks. The women should conceive within one year after the therapy for optimum results.