Symptoms of Miscarriage

Miscarriage can occur without any prior symptom though, most of the times, there are certain symptoms that can indicate possibility of miscarriage, and they should be taken seriously and immediately acted upon.

Following symptoms, if seen during pregnancy, there can be possibility of miscarriage –

Vaginal bleeding:

Any amount of bleeding during pregnancy is not normal and is an indication of chance of miscarriage. Hence it should be taken seriously & immediately reported to a doctor.

Abdominal pain:

Pain in lower abdomen, especially when associated with vaginal bleeding, can point towards possibility of miscarriage.

Excessive watery discharge:

This can occur when the amniotic sac around baby is ruptured and indicates impending miscarriage.

Painless miscarriage:

Sometimes, miscarriage occurs without pain. This occurs when the mouth of uterus (cervix)is weak (incompetent) and opens up prematurely in second trimester of pregnancy(4-7th mth)

No Symptoms:

Sometimes there are no symptoms, but miscarriage is diagnosed only by sonography. (Missed abortion) When any of these symptoms are encountered, they should be immediately reported to a doctor.