ICPRM Immunootherapy Case Studies

“Doctor, I don’t want any more pregnancies! I am fed up of this problem. Please do operate me so that there are no more pregnancies!” A couple was sitting in my consulting room and the lady was pouring her heart out! The lady had 14 miscarriages before, with no living child.
The problem of repeated miscarriages or recurrent abortions affects 1 in 100 couples and is one of the most disturbing situations. This is even worse than not having pregnancy at all. This infertility has a lot of physical & psychological consequences. Though there are many causes of repeated miscarriages but, in 50% of couples with this condition, no apparent reason is found. These miscarriages are due to immunological problem. In this, the mother’s body develops an immunological reaction against the pregnancy leading to miscarriage.
When the couple with 14 miscarriages was investigated, it was found that she was completely treated for possible causes of repeated miscarriages, but the process of miscarriage still continued. We offered her the immunological treatment (called Immunotherapy), which no one even offered them before. The couple willingly accepted the treatment.
After the treatment, the couple conceived in 2 months and had a successful pregnancy. They now have a 3 year old daughter.
Active Immunotherapy has helped many couples with repeated miscarriages and has helped them to fulfil their dream of having a child. In a world of darkness due to Recurrent Miscarriages, Immunotherapy has come as a Ray of hope!


Other Success Stories


Mrs. T M, 32 year old patient, had infertility for 10 years. She had multiple IUI failures and 5 IVF failures. There was one miscarriage in one of the IVF cycles. She received Immunotherapy LIT at Dr. Raut’s Immunotherapy Centre ICPRM and subsequently conceived with IVF. She had a successful pregnancy and delivered twin babies. Immunotherapy LIT is useful in patients with Unexplained Infertility and miscarriages.

Mrs. T M, 32

Mrs. Deshmukh, with 10 years of infertility, with history of 7 IVF failures received Immunotherapy ( LIT) at Dr. Raut’s Immunotherapy Centre ICPRM. She conceived in the next IVF cycle and had successful pregnancy and delivered a baby boy. LIT has been found to be useful in couples with failed IVF cycles by preventing Implantation Failure.

Mrs. Deshmukh

Mrs Riddhi, 28, presented with 3 miscarriages (6-8 weeks pregnancies), came to Dr. Raut for a treatment. All investigations were within normal limits. After Immunotherapy, now she has a 15 years old son.

Mrs Riddhi, 28

Mrs Jacie 26, (NRI from USA), came to Dr.Raut with two previous missed abortions that occurred in U. S. itself. The couple specially came to India for Active Immunotherapy. After we provided them this treatment, she conceived successfully. Unfortunately, she had one more miscarriage after 2 years. She again came to Dr. Raut for the same treatment. Now, she is a proud mother of 9 years and 4 years old daughters.

Mrs Jacie 26

Mrs Mitchell, 34 years old lady, came with a history of 14 miscarriages (2 months to 5 months referred by another Gynaecologist). After all our investigations, the reports were found to be normal. The couple was then explained about Active Immunotherapy. Once the treatment was over, she delivered a female child (Preterm delivery at 33 weeks). The child is now 3 years and healthy.

Mrs Mitchell, 34