About Our Founders

ICPRM is dedicated in diagnosing and treating a woman suffering from miscarriages, a chance of having a successful pregnancy outcome.

Usually, the issue of each patient is unique in terms of their clinical problem and outcome of the investigations. Our aim here at ICPRM, is to offer the best possible result in individual case by detecting the key issues and working out on a solution that is the most apt for the patient in the given circumstance.

We have taken long awaited steps forward in the diagnosis and treatment of women who suffer from repeated miscarriages. Using radical scientific advances, we now understand that in some instances a mother’s immune system can actually turn on itself and damage her own pregnancies. Using our knowledge of ‘reproductive immunology’ alongside other established therapies we are now able to diagnose and treat at a much better rate of success, women who have previously been offered little hope.

Even women past their forties who have suffered from consecutive miscarriages, repeatedly, without any apparent reason, are now finally able to carry their pregnancies full term and take their babies home with them.

We treat couples who experience recurrent miscarriages, multiple pregnancy losses, repeated in vitro fertilization failures or unexplained infertility.

Our clinic is one of its kind in India, offering treatment to their patient with latest technology equipment. We believe we can finally bring relief to thousands of couples who might otherwise give up hope.

We are always in pursuit of excellence and development.

About Our Founders:

Dr. Mohan Raut & Dr. Mughdha Raut
During their graduate training days in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and later in their private practice, they realised that the problem of repeated miscarriages is huge & moreover 50% of these couples are not receiving any reliable solutions. It was even found that IVF (Test Tube Baby) to be associated with high miscarriage rates (Implantation Failures).

Their intense desire to address this problem of repeated miscarriages through a specialized treatment of Active Immunotherapy gave birth to Immunotherapy Centre for Prevention of Repeated Miscarriages.

About Dr. Mohan Raut

Dr Mohan RautDr. Mohan Raut. MD,DGO received his degree (Graduation & Post Graduation) from the premier institute Seth G.S Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai, from University of Mumbai. He was trained in infertility at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. with Dr. Indira Hinduja and Dr. Shirish Sheth who was the pioneer in IVF in India. He was associated with Dr. Usha Krishna for his work in the held of Repeated Miscarriages

In 1992, Dr. Mohan Raut was a part of International Multicentric Research Program in association with Oxford University on the role of Active Immunotherapy in Recurrent Miscarriages. Later, he had been involved in the Active Immunotherapy programme (LIT therapy) at H.N. Hospital, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr. Usha Krishna and Dr. Shirish Sheth. He has contributed a chapter on Immunotherapy in Repeated Miscarriages in the book Repeated Pregnancy published by FOGSI. He has published several papers and spoke in International Conferences on the topic of Immunotherapy in Repeated Miscarriages.

About Dr. Mugdha Raut

Dr Mugdha RautDr. Mugdha Raut, MD,DGO received her medical degree (Graduation & Post Graduation) from the premier institute Seth G.S Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai and training in Gynaecology & Obstetric Science from the University Of Mumbai. She was trained in Infertility under Dr. Mehroo Hansoha at Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Mumbai. She was a gold-medallist in her graduation programme.

Dr. Mugdha was associated with Dr. Usha Krishna at the K.E.M. Hospital for her work in the field of Repeated Miscarriages & BOH (Bad Obstetric History)

She has been in private practice in Obstetric & Gynaecologist for the past 21 years. With special interest in infertility & Repeated Miscarriages.

She has presented several papers in National & International Conferences. She has also spoken at various institutions and organization on various subjects in the field of Gynaecology & Obstetric Science. Her passion & vision in the field of Repeated Pregnancy has resulted in the establishment of ICPRM.