Immunotherapy Centre for Prevention of Repeated Miscarriages

ICPRM is the first centre established in India to provide specialised treatment to patients suffering from repeated pregnancy loss. It provides complete diagnostic set up and comprehensive treatment, including, Immunotherapy for women with Repeated Miscarriages. ICPRM has a fully equipped facility for Specialised & Advanced Care.

Located in Mumbai, India, it provides services to patients across India and also from overseas. We invite you to learn more about ICPRM clinical offerings, treatments, research and community initiatives by exploring this website.

Couples who come to this centre often have had the painful experience of recurrent pregnancy loss, repeated unexplained IVF failures or unexplained infertility. Many of these couples have also attempted pregnancy, with the aid of assisted reproductive technology (ART) without success. However, ICPRM is not here to offer the latest fad treatment. The diagnostic procedures and therapies practised at the Centre have evolved over many years while they are continually being assessed and developed.


IVF & Immunotherapy: IVF is associated with high miscarriages rate. ICPRM is a pioneering centre located in Mumbai India offering Immunotherapy Treatment to these patients who have repeated miscarriages following IVF treatment…
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How ICPRM can help you?: ICPRM is dedicated in diagnosing and treating repeated miscarriages and provide women experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss a chance to have a successful pregnancy outcome. Each patient is dealt with uniquely in terms of their clinical problem. To know more arrange a consultation with us right here!
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Infertility & Immunotherapy: ICPRM is a comprehensive fertility centre able to provide specialized treatment (Immunotherapy) for patients with unexplained infertility.
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